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H.R.H. Kalina, Princess of Bulgaria

H.R.H. Kalina, Princess of Bulgaria was born on January 19th, 1972, in Madrid. She is the only daughter and the fifth child of King Simeon and Queen Margarita. She was baptized by the Roman Catholic rite. She graduated from the Lycée Français where her father and four brothers had previously studied. She then continued her studies at the English College in the Spanish capital city.

From an early age, she used to pay a strong interest in art and, along with the inspiration of her own to take on the role of artist she was brought to London to read History of the Arts. At that time she became actively involved in restoration, applied arts and, preservation of cultural and historical heritage. She attained sophisticated expertise in the study, identification, and restoration of certain styles of furniture, art objects, interior solutions, and historical design. The Princess is strongly captivated by the Bulgarian national embroideries, buckles, crafts, and costumes. She can often be seen wearing the Bulgarian costumes of her Grandmother Queen Giovanna at various worldly events, combined with modern accents and details.

On October 26, 2002, Princess Kalina married Antonio José (Kitín) Muñoz y Valcárcel, a noted Spanish sea navigator and explorer, appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

The wedding celebrations were the first in Bulgaria of a Royal Family member after the wedding of Tsar Boris and Queen Ioanna in 1930. The wedding rite took place in the Tsarska Bistritsa Palace served by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sofia and Plovdiv Monsignor Georgi Yovchev. Following the marriage, the newlyweds received a blessing according to the canon of the Orthodox Church by the Bishop Ioan Dragovitisky*, Father Superior of the Rila Monastery, in the Church of Borovets, which was built by King Ferdinand in the early 20th century.

In an emotional speech during the gala dinner attended by the President of the Republic, King Simeon said, “Years ago I had three dreams – to see Bulgaria and its worthy people free, to return forever to the homeland and to marry my daughter – here! All three, thank God, came true! ” King Simeon built a small chapel dedicated to the all- Bulgarian patron St. Ioan of Rila Miracle-Worker on the place of the wedding performance. The chapel consecrated in 2016 is still available to visitors today. The dress for the Princess’ wedding was created by a Bulgarian fashion designer and combined with Bulgarian national motifs and elements.

On March 14, 2007, in Sofia, Princess Kalina gave birth to a son, Prince Simeon Hassan. The junior was baptized by Orthodox Christian rite (on April 25, 2008), with the name Simeon in honor of his grandfather, and Hassan in honor of the late King Hassan II of Morocco, which has been exceptionally close to the Bulgarian Royal Family in the years of exile. The godmother at the Orthodox baptism became Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark, sister of Constantine II, King of the Greeks, and Sofia, the Queen Mother of Spain. Besides her, the King of Morocco Mohammed VI was invited as a second well-wisher. In the ceremony, he was represented by the Moroccan ambassador in Sofia, and during the church sacrament by King Simeon. Since the day of his birth, Simeon-Hassan has been brought up entirely in the Bulgarian spirit and traditions. He speaks Bulgarian, Spanish, English, French and Arabic languages.

Simultaneously, the Princess is actively involved in the cause of defending animal rights and the protection of nature and the environment. In 2013, the Princess and her son received Bulgarian citizenship. Since then, she has been actively competing in horseback riding on behalf of Bulgaria.

In the spirit of dynastic traditions, in addition to the title Princess of Bulgaria, she also received the family titles Princess Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony, and Tsar Simeon handed over to her the title Countess Murany by succession. Murany is an inseparable part of the Bulgarian Royal Dynasty’s Hungarian possessions along the Koháry lineage. Currently, the rights to the Princely title of Koháry have been handed over by a special dynastic decree from King Simeon to his sister Princess Maria Louisa and her heirs from the matrimony with Mr. Bronislaw Chrobok. Count Murany was a title adopted by the late King Ferdinand exclusively for his private travels, research expeditions, and participation in the world and international congresses in Ornithology, Botany, and Entomology.

In compliance with the Statutes of King Boris and Queen Giovanna Royal Heritage Fund, in the Board of Trustees, Princess Kalina is the second senior member next to Prince Kyril.

The Princess is a holder of the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of St. Alexander.

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